Saturday 14 April 2012

One of the many reasons why I never learnt to drive.

Woman, overheard on the train out of Waterloo, evening of 12/4/12:

"She works on the ticket desk at Alton Towers. Now, you get in free if your child's disabled, and lots of people come along saying their child is deaf. So, every ticket seller at Alton Towers has a brick on their desk, and if someone comes along and says their child is deaf, you're supposed to take the brick and drop it on the floor, and if the child flinches, you say 'I'm sorry...'."


  1. Right, because deaf children are also incapable of feeling the vibration from a heavy object hitting the floor?

  2. It's possible that she got it wrong - the giveaway could be if the child doesn't flinch...